Contributing to Nexendrie Project

So you wish to make a contribution to Nexendrie Project? That is great, we welcome contributions, just read this document beforehand.

Where to contribute

All contributions should be made on GitLab. Our packages are also on GitHub but these repositories are just mirrors. Any pull requests on GitHub will be closed at sight (issues are disabled there).

Coding standards

If you are writting any code for the project, be sure to follow our coding standards. Its definition for code sniffer is a part of nexendrie/code-quality package, though it is not complete yet.

Test the code

Do not forget to write tests for new features, we do not want untested code in the codebase. Also all tests for the merge request must pass. That includes syntax checks, compilation with coding standards, static analysis and unit/integration tests. We use parallel lint, codesniffer, PHPStan and Nette Tester + testbench respectively for these tasks. All these tools are run in CI but you can (and should) run them also on your computer before submitting a merge request.

Other rules

Things to work on

Documentation of some packages is outdated/could use better wording. Any help is welcome.

We all are humans thus prone to errors. Do not hesitate to point them out and/or propose fixes.

Some of our packages are not done feature wise yet. There is a list of things we would like to add, just check issues on GitLab. If there is something missing from your point of view, open a new issue. But be aware that we do not have to share your opinion so sometimes you will have to convince us.